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Founded in 1985, CIS is a leader in Public Safety Software and Services for State, Local and Federal Governmental entities. CIS is privately owned company that has been under the same ownership for over 30 years. Our unique identity and constant strive for success in the forefront of Public Safety Software has enabled us to continually grow and expand nationwide.

CIS has created a corporate culture that cultivates values, which motivate management and employees to perform in innovative and creative ways to make CIS products and services stand out from its competition in the dynamic advancement of current technology. Among the ways that CIS creates this corporate culture is its balance between pure technical development and public safety agency priorities. This balance is achieved by having programmers participate in direct customer support where user feedback is direct.

Public Safety requirements are understood and appreciated by CIS’ entire staff. This culture is further enhanced by CIS’ unique industry policy of no third party software or outsourcing. This policy places responsibility for the Systems development squarely on the shoulders of CIS’ technical staff: engineers, analysts and programmers. Above all, CIS is a company that has continued to profit, grow and maintain its unique identity and ownership in a time of downsizing and mergers, presenting careers with meaningful security for its employees and in turn creating powerful Systems for its Customers.


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Computer Information Systems is always on the lookout for talented individuals that are highly motivated to make a positive impact for CIS, our clients, and themselves

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