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Florida Police Chiefs Winter Conference

Orlando, FL
January 9 – January 10

Sheriffs of Colorado

Loveland, CO
January 17 to January 21

Florida Sheriff's Winter Conference

Jacksonville, FL
January 23 to January 25

VACP/CACLEA Joint Winter Conference

Norfolk, VA
February 2 to February 4

Georgia Chiefs Conference

Athens, GA
February 7 to February 8

SAFE D Emergency Service Districts

Round Rock, TX
February 17 to February 19

Winter Technology Conference

Opelika, FL
February 27 to March 1

Georgia Emergency Center Conference

Athens, GA
February 28 to March 4

Texas Chiefs Conference

Galveston, TX
April 10 to April 14

VSI VACP/VACLEA Winter Conference

Richmond, VA
April 20 to April 22

Texas Jail Association Conference

San Marcos, TX
May 2 to May 6

Texas Chief Deputies Conference

San Marcos, TX
June 7 to June 10

National NENA Conference

Louisville, KY
July 11 to June 15

National Sheriff's Conference

Kansas City, MO
June 27 to July 1

Justice Peace and Constables Conference

College Station, TX
June 27 to July 1

South Carolina Sheriff's Conference

Myrtle Beach, SC
July 12 to July 13

Texas Sheriff's Conference

San Antonio, TX
August 8 to August 4

National APCO

Anaheim, CA
August 6 to August 10

IACP Conference

Dallas, TX
October 15 to October 18